Everyone is back and ready for action at sanghoki HQ, and we all hope everyone has enjoyed their holidays and played plenty of poker!

Our December promotions were a huge success, and we are currently processing all the prizes and tournament results to ensure everyone gets their well-earned rewards. Up until the very last hours of 2007, players were committed to earning those extra Comp Points and winning those elusive Secret Santa Sit’n’Goes, proving the dedication of our community.

Coming up this week is the highly anticipated Choose Your Own Seat tournament, which will feature a grand total of 430 players competing for a $12,500 seat to any major tournament in the world! The action is scheduled for Saturday January 5th at 14:00 server time, so don’t forget to drop by and find out who the live seat winner will be!

Stay tuned for all the upcoming surprises in 2008 at CarbonPoker, it’s a new year with a great outlook for poker on a worldwide scale. Have fun at the tables!

Meanwhile, back at CarbonPoker HQ…

Even with all the action going down at APPT Sydney, business remains as usual for our online players. Naturally, this means yet another $20,000 Guaranteed tournament on Sunday, and the action was swift at the final table.

It took only 37 hands to progress from the final seven players to the eventual winner. DBC920, Laubi00 and SublimeChick stood strong as the final three, but Laubi00 suffered a downfall to take away $1636.80. After a flop of 9 T 5 rainbow, Laubi00 was convinced that his KT would hold up, but DBC920 held pocket fives for a set and the win as the turn and river blanked out.

Yet another final hand was set in stone pre-flop, as both remaining players decided to throw all chips in with their hole cards. SublimeChick thought her AJ offsuit was sublime, and DBC920 made the call with pocket Deuces.

Blank, blankity blank. That was the sound of the flop, and the Deuces were good. The turn was another big blank, and the Deuces were still the top hand. All SublimeChick needed was an Ace or a Jack, but not only did she not get either, DBC920 picked up another Deuce for an unecessary set and $5319.60 in winnings.

Congratulations to all the winners in this week’s Sunday 20K, we had a massive turnout of 315 players, proving the popularity and action of the big tournament is a big draw for the best online players.

Halo77 & The Prince Do Battle!

Possibly the world’s most loved player, Scotty “The Prince” Nguyen, sadly put an end to Halo77’s main event assault.

After cruising through to Day 2 with 101,000, Halo77 was looking like a seasoned pro and a great chance of making the money.

After taking a couple of small hits early in the morning and laying down several hands to an overly aggressive player, Halo77 was still looking the goods and settling into his groove.

It wasn’t until late into level 14 that things started to get crazy! Halo77 made a minimum raise from an early position and caused the table to fold around to Scotty. After taking a moment to consider “The Prince” made the call and the action was back on the BB.

Once again the BB, who had been a lose cannon all morning, once again pushed all-in for 100,000. Halo77 had been patiently waiting for him do make this mistake and quickly made the call for the remainder of his chips.

Unfortunately, Scotty wasn’t going anywhere and also made the call for a 3-way all-in!

Big Blind (lose cannon) – 5

Halo77 – 10

Scotty – K K

With nobody improving their starting hand, this signaled the end for Halo77 and his APPT main event.

Despite finishing a short of the cash, Halo77 can hold his head high and be proud of his performance: 93/561 players

10-3 Is The New Texas Dolly!

After managing to survive a grueling 14hr Day 1, the happy-go-lucky Flail1 was always going to have to let his tournament ride when he returned for Day 2 with only 15,500 in chips.

Sticking true to his word he pushed all-in on his first hand, only to be called by another short stack (7,500) at his table.

The showdown revealed: Flail1 – 6s7s Vs AsJs

The flop came with three spades, but sadly Flail1 was unable to improve to a straight flush and handed over half his chips to the nutflush.

With less than 1.5 orbits remaining, Flail1 made his move and pushed his remaining chips into the pot. The rest of the table quickly folded, but the table chip leader couldn’t resist and made the call.

Showdown: Flail1 – 10c3s Vs AcJc

With neither player improving their hand on the flop and turn, it all came down old faithful – or better known as the dreaded river! Never in my life have I been this excited to see, you guessed it – a of 3d! But this wasn’t the end for Flail1. Within a matter of a few hands he was at it again and after several quick double-ups, Flail1 is sitting on a cool 70,000 in chips.