The two day SCOOP 2012 Main Event tournaments began on Sunday May 20th. Play was halted at the conclusion of level 20 (10 hours) and resumed early this afternoon. After two weeks worth of events, and many players entering many of the available events, a mere 10 hour first day was welcomed by those who made it that far.

Medium Buy in Main Event Recap

The medium buy in tournament ended up 먹튀검증사이트 more than doubling the $1.5 million guaranteed prize amount when 3,567 players each put up $1,050 to contest the first place prize of over half a million dollars.

The third place finisher ended up being hunwei, when his QQ in the hole couldn’t out race the Ace-King of ministerborg:

Heads up play for the SCOOP Main Event Champion title began with ministerborg holding a 3-1 chip lead against suarez_BG. Small pots were traded back and forth, with mnisterborg winning the majority of the smaller pots, and suarez_BG a number of the larger ones.

The first all in and call since heads up started ended up with suarez_BG doubling up with Ace-Ten offsuit against the Ace-Seven offsuit of ministerborg. With that 34.2 million chip pot win, suarez_BG took a solid lead with 34.2 million in chips against ministerborg’s 19.3 million.

Ministerborg was quick to strike back, getting all in with pocket tens against suarez_BG’s Ace-King. His tens lead the whole way as the board ran out T-A-K-9-Q.

Once again it was ministerborg winning the majority of pots, mostly the smaller ones. Suarez_BG won a few large pots in a row, and suddenly the chipstacks were even at approximately 27 million chips each. Suarez_BG then went on a tear, winning pot after pot, both large and medium sized ones. On the final hand where suarez_BG held a chip advantage of 41.6M to 11.8M, he raised all in with pocket fives and was called by ministerborg’s unsuited Ace-Queen. The board failed to pair ministerborg and suarez_BG ended up the champion. He won just over $560,000 for his win, while ministerborg won $417,339 for his efforts.

High Roller Main Event Recap

The high stakes SCOOP 2012 Main Event tournament featured a staggeringly high buy in of $10,300. 517 players showed up, good enough double the $2.5M guaranteed prize pool. A number of PokerStars pros participated in this event, including: Ivan Demidov, Humberto Brenes, ElkY, Isildur1, johnduhamel, nanonoko and aakkari. The best PokerStars pro finisher was aakkari of Brazil, with a 16th place $41,360 prize finish.

Three handed with fairly even stacks, action was paused while players discussed a deal. GripDsNutz on the short stack (2.16M) was only interested in an even chop. Before PokerStars support stepped in all three players had tentatively agreed to this. But shortly after they responded, the chip leader, sp00led, at 3.19M chips said “backer said no. we have to work a better deal”.

Sp00led offered an even chop, plus playing for $80,000 as the Championship prize rather than the minimum $50,000. Still, GripDsNutz held firm on getting an even chop for the maximum amount, despite holding the shortest stack and 50% less chips than the current chip leader. Eventually they settled on $718,675 each, and paying $80k for the winner of the tournament.

It was sosickPL who ended up being the first to get knocked out after the deal, when his pocket eights fell to the nines of GripDsNutz.

Now heads up, sp00led jokingly asked to chop the $80k first prize, as he was out chipped nearly 4 to 1.

The heads up battle was a good demonstration of skilled, aggressive play. Chips flew back and forth with neither player wanting to give up an edge to the other. Sp00led clawed his way back into it, nearly evening up the chip counts at 3.3 million to GripDsNutz’ 4.46 million.

In the end, it was GripDsNutz who claimed the PokerStars SCOOP 2012 Main Event High Roller Championship title. Pocket sixes will surely be his new favorite hand as they propelled him to winning nearly $800,000 in the tournament!

Low Buy-in Main Event Recap

Weesy finished the tournament in 9th place and received $13276.80.

slavOuchka finished the tournament in 8th place and received $19915.20.

Players continued to drop off and at three handed play talk of a deal between the remaining competitors was brought up.

FrandsenDK on the short stack wanted 150k to make a deal, which was just slightly more than the 148k his stack was worth according to ICM. Fiskin1 the chip leader was set on a chip chop only, which neither other player was interested in.

Fransden, with his newfound chip lead, asked if players now want to chipchop. But neither of the other players replied.

Fiskin1 ended up finishing in 3rd place after his pocket 5’s were edged out by john_tri80’s pocket sevens:

Now heads up, a deal was quickly struck. The final hand where the Champion was crowned and given the remaining $30,000 went down shortly afterwards, with john_tri80 making a good hero call on the river with second pair:

Good game all and good luck next year at SCOOP 2013!