First, check out yet another big score from Otis. The guy is just unstoppable…

And now, read about some exciting news from the Aladdin. It looks like we’re now confirmed for at least 6 tables by the Aladdin, and there’s a possibility of more. The Aladdin’s poker room will be expanding to two more tables by then.

That means the confirmed list jumps to 55!! We’ll still hold those other 5 seats for pros and invited guests. If things go well, we’ll be able to accomodate all players. The updated RSVP list can be found over at the sbo official web site.

Please make sure you show the Aladdin our appreciation whenever you can. If you’re in Vegas, stop by and say Hi to Edna, the fabulous poker room manager. And then sit down and play a little.

Super Thursday Pt. 2

So, I have an admission to make.

I’ve been playing under an assumed name. I only bring it up, because I’m about to reveal it.

A few people who sweated me in last week’s Super Thursday tournament can attest to this. As I said last week at this time, my plan is to play one large multi-table tournament a week leading up to the June blogger trip to Vegas. Last week I placed seventh and was quite unhappy with my play.

Tonight, I’m happy with all of my plays but my last one. Ain’t that the way it always is?

I’ve actually exceeded my one-per-week plan in the multi-tables. Out of six in the past eight days, I’ve placed ITM in four, including two final table appearances. Tonight was the second final table.

I took fourth. But I should’ve won.


On the final hand, I was second in chips with about 250K. The big stack had approximately 310K. The two remaining stacks sat at approx. 100K a piece. With the blinds at 5000/10,000, I found AKs on the button. As I was planning to play either of the two shortstacks for all their chips, the big stack raised 13x the big blind to 130,000 under the gun.

Yeah, he raised 13x the big blind.

Now, I don’t know what to do with this. From hand number one I’d promised myself I was going to forget about the money and play to win. Every hand. And I did. I was proud.

So, what do I do with ths? I have big slick in spades, on the button facing an unmentionable raise.

Well, I pushed in. All of it. On five cards. The money jump from third to fourth was more than three grand.

I was playing to win.

Actually, I was playing to lose, I guess.

The big stack called with JJ and I didn’t improve.

Looking back, I guess I could’ve folded, but I just can’t see doing that.

The only other move I could’ve made was simply to call for more than half my stack. I would’ve put it all in on the flop, though, because two spades came down on a queen high board. And I’m almost certain Big Stack would’ve called my stop-and-go move. Or maybe not.

Maybe I should’ve thought longer and played the stop-and-go.

Damn it.

So, I’m unhappy with my final play, but not unhappy with making two final tables on two consecutive Thursdays.

I need to sleep.

Note…the big stack ended up taking second after losing a 5-1 chip lead to one of the shorter stacks.