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Do You Have Sensitive Skin? Don’t Stress About It!


Is your skin easily damaged or irritated?

Is your skin dry, delicate and prone to irritant or allergic reactions?

Does your skin have a reduced tolerance to cold, heat, wind, temperature changes, or pollution?

If you answer yes to any or all of these questions, consider yourself a member of the “sensitive skin” club to which 56 per cent of Canadian women claim to belong. Of this group, more than 46 per cent also have dry skin.


What is sensitive skin?

Generally, if you have easily irritated or reactive skin, then you have sensitive skin. Most of the time sensitive skin relates to the face. Sensitive skin can be caused by a genetic predisposition or environmental factors. It appears as redness, swelling, itchy and dry irritation to the face. One of the major jobs of the skin is to waterproof. This is done to the epidermis or surface layer of the skin, producing a fat-protein sandwich that is always being replaced and is vital to prevent too much water loss from the skin.


Symptoms of sensitive skin include: You can also learn about “how to change your facial structure“, click here


A tingling or tightening of the skin without visible signs

Overreaction to skin care or cosmetic products

Reactions to shaving, or other physical stress to the skin.

Sensitive skin can also be a heads-up for other conditions, such as:

Altered skin — due to shaving, waxing, medications, heat, cold, wind, and pollution. Also, laser or chemical peels or scar removal.

Allergic skin — the sudden appearance of redness or swelling and itchiness.

Atopic skin — dry skin that is itchy and produces eczema. Eczema is related to hayfever and asthma. (see Eczema Guide for more information)

Rosacea skin — blood vessels of the face enlarge resulting in a flushed sensation or a redness of the skin.

What to do about your sensitive skin?

Perfume or scented creams can be irritating

Rinse well after using cleansing products, which should be mild and soap-free as they do not remove so much oil from the skin (gives you more information about this kind of cleansers)

Use a moisturizer and sunscreen that is formulated for sensitive skin

Don’t over wash your face. Temperature of the water should be tepid; neither hot or cold

Don’t use exfoliants

Be aware of seasonal temperatures. The sudden dryness of winter can mean itchy, dry skin until the skin responds by increasing oil production to reduce the water loss

For breakouts use a cleanser with salicylic acid to help exfoliate pores. There are also moisturizers that contain salicylic acid.

Be sensitive to stress


The causes and effects of stress on the body are not fully known, but for some people stress interferes with the body’s systems that repair and regulate the skin. Stress kills your natural antioxidant defenses, which help to prevent accelerated aging of the skin. Hormones can also trigger a histamine release within the skin causing it to erupt in bumpy redness, or breakout in hives.


Desensitize yourself


When choosing makeup, especially foundation and blush, buy oil-free products. Makeup that is water-based won’t clog pores. Look for oil-absorbing foundations that help keep oil off the face.


As for the rest of your body, check ingredients and avoid harsh chemicals in soaps, shampoos, body cleansers and creams, bath oils, bubble baths, etc.


Put your best face forward

Watch your alcohol intake, spicy foods and caffeine

Try to avoid excessive temperature changes

Use the right cleansers, moisturizers and cosmetics

Manage stress as best you can.





What Is a Financial Planner, and Do You Need One?

Whatever the stage in your financial journey, you’re bound to have questions. From starting out and saving for college through to buying your first home or even planning for your retirement, getting your finances organized can be a little daunting. Everyone you know is likely to have an opinion when you ask a financial question, but does that mean that you’re getting the right answers?

While having an emergency fund is great, becoming financially savvy requires much more than this. Fortunately, financial planners are ready to help. Here we’ll explore the role of the financial planner to help you determine if you need one.

What is a Financial Planner?

Financial planners are a type of financial advisor, and their primary role is to make projections to help you formulate a plan to achieve your financial goals. A financial planner gathers financial statements and other information to calculate “what if” scenarios to help you to plan for the future.

These types of projections can help you to determine a number of issues, including:

How much you should save

What investments you should make

Your income level in retirement

When you could retire

The life insurance policy you should choose

How you can protect your savings

Whether you should put money into your 401k or pay off your mortgage.

Some of these issues are not easy to consider; looking into the future can not only be daunting, but challenging. However, a financial planner can take the emotion out of these issues to help you make informed decisions.

The Benefits of Financial Planners

There are a number of benefits associated with using a financial planner. These include:

Pro Answers to Your Questions: As we discussed above, trying to get the right answers to your financial queries can be tricky, but a financial planner can provide you with professional advice and guidance. This means that you no longer need to rely on the dodgy details provided by your Uncle Bob at family gatherings.

Help Focusing on Your Financial Goals: Most people can feel overwhelmed by their finances and prioritizing your goals is the first step. Financial planners can help you to focus your energy on the most important or urgent goals, so you can start developing a solid financial future.

Gain Access to Insurance Deals and Stocks: According to Brassica trust , over 90% of the 350,000 financial planners in the USA receive commissions from the products they sell. This means that you need to ensure that your financial planner puts your interests first, but it can provide access to some exclusive deals and offers.

Specialist Expertise: Some financial planners specialize in specific areas. So, if you’re concerned about retirement, you can use a financial planner who focuses on retirement plans. However, if you’re more concerned about wealth building, you need a financial planner who focuses on savings plans.

As you can see, a financial planner can offer some great benefits for people in all financial situations. Regardless of what stage you’re at in your financial journey, a financial planner can help you work towards your goals.

The Types of Financial Planner

Fortunately, there are different types of financial planners to help fit your circumstances, budget, and preferences. These include:

In-Person, Traditional Financial Planners:

When you think about a financial planner, you’re likely to imagine an in-person traditional expert. In-person planners provide one on one advice, which is ideal for those with a complicated financial situation. Traditional financial planners typically have accreditation, indicating stringent formal training and assessment.

Unfortunately, you do need to pay for this expertise. You may be expected to pay by the task or by the hour, which is typically $200 to $400 an hour. However, some financial planners charge based on the investment portfolio size.

Before you start working with a traditional financial planner, you need to know whether the person is a fiduciary. This means that they are under an obligation to put the best interests of the client first. Otherwise, you may find that the recommendations for products and services are based on commission fees and other benefits for the adviser rather than yourself.

According to a CNBC survey, only 17% of Americans take this route and use a professional financial advisor.

Robo Advisors:

If you’re just getting to grips with your finances, then a Robo advisor may provide adequate access to financial planning tools. Robo advisors are designed to build and manage investments and other financial planning tasks for a small fee. This is typically 0.25% of the account balance or less.

The investment mixes are determined by algorithms and can be automatically adjusted as needed. Basic accounts typically only require an investment of $500, but some options have lower minimums.

The easy entry, low-cost nature of the Robo advisor means that the barriers for working on your financial goals are reduced. So, you can start off using a robo advisor, and bring in a human advisor later if your situation becomes more complex.

Online Services:

There are also a number of online services that provide a combination of access to human advisors and computer-driven investment management. In most cases, you’ll have a dedicated financial planner, but you’ll be meeting via video conference or email rather than in person.

These types of services are typically more costly compared to using a robo advisor, but this is less than using a traditional financial planner.

So, Do You Need a Financial Planner?

To achieve any degree of financial stability or freedom, you need to have financial goals, but it can be a real challenge to prioritize or even set your goals. A financial planner can help you to assess your financial situation and understand the best way of working towards achieving your goals.

So, if you’re serious about getting a grasp of your finances and setting some financial goals, then you should give getting a financial planner some serious consideration. Whether you choose to use a robo advisor, traditional financial planner, or an online service, these experts can help you work towards achieving your financial goals.

SCOOP 2012 – Main Event Tournament Recaps


The two day SCOOP 2012 Main Event tournaments began on Sunday May 20th. Play was halted at the conclusion of level 20 (10 hours) and resumed early this afternoon. After two weeks worth of events, and many players entering many of the available events, a mere 10 hour first day was welcomed by those who made it that far.

Medium Buy in Main Event Recap

The medium buy in tournament ended up 먹튀검증사이트 more than doubling the $1.5 million guaranteed prize amount when 3,567 players each put up $1,050 to contest the first place prize of over half a million dollars.

The third place finisher ended up being hunwei, when his QQ in the hole couldn’t out race the Ace-King of ministerborg:

Heads up play for the SCOOP Main Event Champion title began with ministerborg holding a 3-1 chip lead against suarez_BG. Small pots were traded back and forth, with mnisterborg winning the majority of the smaller pots, and suarez_BG a number of the larger ones.

The first all in and call since heads up started ended up with suarez_BG doubling up with Ace-Ten offsuit against the Ace-Seven offsuit of ministerborg. With that 34.2 million chip pot win, suarez_BG took a solid lead with 34.2 million in chips against ministerborg’s 19.3 million.

Ministerborg was quick to strike back, getting all in with pocket tens against suarez_BG’s Ace-King. His tens lead the whole way as the board ran out T-A-K-9-Q.

Once again it was ministerborg winning the majority of pots, mostly the smaller ones. Suarez_BG won a few large pots in a row, and suddenly the chipstacks were even at approximately 27 million chips each. Suarez_BG then went on a tear, winning pot after pot, both large and medium sized ones. On the final hand where suarez_BG held a chip advantage of 41.6M to 11.8M, he raised all in with pocket fives and was called by ministerborg’s unsuited Ace-Queen. The board failed to pair ministerborg and suarez_BG ended up the champion. He won just over $560,000 for his win, while ministerborg won $417,339 for his efforts.

High Roller Main Event Recap

The high stakes SCOOP 2012 Main Event tournament featured a staggeringly high buy in of $10,300. 517 players showed up, good enough double the $2.5M guaranteed prize pool. A number of PokerStars pros participated in this event, including: Ivan Demidov, Humberto Brenes, ElkY, Isildur1, johnduhamel, nanonoko and aakkari. The best PokerStars pro finisher was aakkari of Brazil, with a 16th place $41,360 prize finish.

Three handed with fairly even stacks, action was paused while players discussed a deal. GripDsNutz on the short stack (2.16M) was only interested in an even chop. Before PokerStars support stepped in all three players had tentatively agreed to this. But shortly after they responded, the chip leader, sp00led, at 3.19M chips said “backer said no. we have to work a better deal”.

Sp00led offered an even chop, plus playing for $80,000 as the Championship prize rather than the minimum $50,000. Still, GripDsNutz held firm on getting an even chop for the maximum amount, despite holding the shortest stack and 50% less chips than the current chip leader. Eventually they settled on $718,675 each, and paying $80k for the winner of the tournament.

It was sosickPL who ended up being the first to get knocked out after the deal, when his pocket eights fell to the nines of GripDsNutz.

Now heads up, sp00led jokingly asked to chop the $80k first prize, as he was out chipped nearly 4 to 1.

The heads up battle was a good demonstration of skilled, aggressive play. Chips flew back and forth with neither player wanting to give up an edge to the other. Sp00led clawed his way back into it, nearly evening up the chip counts at 3.3 million to GripDsNutz’ 4.46 million.

In the end, it was GripDsNutz who claimed the PokerStars SCOOP 2012 Main Event High Roller Championship title. Pocket sixes will surely be his new favorite hand as they propelled him to winning nearly $800,000 in the tournament!

Low Buy-in Main Event Recap

Weesy finished the tournament in 9th place and received $13276.80.

slavOuchka finished the tournament in 8th place and received $19915.20.

Players continued to drop off and at three handed play talk of a deal between the remaining competitors was brought up.

FrandsenDK on the short stack wanted 150k to make a deal, which was just slightly more than the 148k his stack was worth according to ICM. Fiskin1 the chip leader was set on a chip chop only, which neither other player was interested in.

Fransden, with his newfound chip lead, asked if players now want to chipchop. But neither of the other players replied.

Fiskin1 ended up finishing in 3rd place after his pocket 5’s were edged out by john_tri80’s pocket sevens:

Now heads up, a deal was quickly struck. The final hand where the Champion was crowned and given the remaining $30,000 went down shortly afterwards, with john_tri80 making a good hero call on the river with second pair:

Good game all and good luck next year at SCOOP 2013!

MKMADTILT wins Full-Tilt-Poker꽁머니 토토 XII Event 9


The twelfth Full Tilt Series of 꽁머니  is now in full swing, with Event #9 giving heads up specialists a chance to demonstrate their prowess for the first time this season. The $500 + $35 No Limit Hold ‘em tournament attracted a modest 933 entrants, including a number of well known pros. This was not quite enough to top the guaranteed cash, which left the prize pool sitting at $500,000.

Numerous one on one battles would be fought before the final 128 players found themselves in the money. Nestled safely in the cash was the tournament host Huck Seed, who ended his run in 85th. However, far and away the most impressive Red Pro on the night was David Pham, picking up $4,000 for his 17th place finish.

When looking for the best candidate to host this tournament, Full Tilt chiefs did not have had to sift very far through their list of sponsored players. Huckleberry Seed confirmed his status as a feared heads up opponent at this year’s NBC Heads Up Poker Championships. Finishing in first place meant that he retained his record as the only player to cash in every single NBC Heads up event, along with setting the best overall record in the history of the tournament.

Huck’s recent successes should come as no surprise, given that he has been competing at the top level for over 10 years. He picked up the first of his four WSOP bracelet way back in 1994, and within two years had captured the biggest prize of them all. His 1996 World Series of Poker main event victory helped towards his total live winnings of over $4.6 million.

Today, however, belonged to a different heads up champion. MKMADTILT defeated -AKwow- in the final contest to wrap up the victory, along with $87,000 in prize money. -AKwow- picked up $52,000 for his second place finish, ahead of SpaceyFCB and GerwalBrunner who received $26,500 each for 3rd and 4th respectively.

GavinSmith Wins Full-Tilt-Poker FTOPS XII Event 7And another FTOPS Event is in the books. This time it was the FTOPS XII Event 7 high buy-in. It was a $100+9 R+A event, which had 2850 total rebuys and in excess of 1100 addons.

For this event, 1807 hopefuls showed up to lay claim to the title. Among these were known pros Keith Sexton, Paul Sexton, Maciek Gracz, Isaac Baron, Stefan Rapp, Bill Gazes, Lee watkinson, Christian Kruel, Dag Martin “dmmikkle” Mikkelse and a deep run by Gavin Smith.


Watching Gavin once he was deep was a thing of beauty. The man knows tourneys, fo’ shizzle. If you struggle in your game, try railing some of the more succesful pros to see what they do. You will learn a ton.

As we arrived to the final nine, most of the Full Tilt Reds dropped out of the race. Gavin sneaked into the final table with an average stack. The action continued with literally the first hand of the final table:


#9 Yeshaya: Early Exit on the final table.

House togel Singapore Second Hearing on Internet Gambling

The House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Commerce, Manufacturing, and Trade held its second hearing today to discuss internet gambling.  The house held its first hearing in late October.  Unfortunately for poker players, Rep. Joe Barton’s bill which would give states the right to regulate online poker was not thoroughly discussed today.  Instead the hearing focused more on the issue of problem gambling.  Dr. Rachel Volberg testified that the internet makes people ten times more likely to become problem gamblers than traditional gambling at a brick and mortar casino.  Rep. Frank Wolf from Virginia condemned internet gaming saying that the social costs of togel Singapore gambling outweigh any benefits by a ratio of 3 to 1.


The news for poker players was not all bad at the hearing however.  Rep. Barton made sure to point out that his bill is only in regards to regulating poker, which is a game of skill, and in no way is his bill attempting to legalize other casino games, which are games of chance.  Rep. Barney Frank argued that it is not the government’s role to regulate whether adults should be able to gamble as a form of entertainment.  Frank further worried about the government’s restriction of internet usage.


In the end, it appears that U.S. poker players will continue to have to just sit and wait in limbo as no vote on Barton’s bill was held or scheduled.


Cake poker to allow use of HUDs


In a move that will be popular among multi-tabling players, the Cake poker network will now allow the use of Heads-Up Displays (HUDs) at their tables. Until now, Cake poker deliberately formatted their hand history files in a way that made it impossible to gather statistics on opponents. Programs such as PokerTracker and Hold’em Manager were still able to compile personal stats and allow players to review their own hands/statistics, but they were not able to track any statistics or results of their opponents.


The debate over whether to allow use of various forms of “tracking software” has been an issue of contention among different online poker sites. Generally the largest sites have bowed to the will of multi-tabling regulars who are more likely to rely on having these statistics at their disposal. Some smaller and medium sized sites have opted to prevent players from having these statistics at their disposal. The theory is that disallowing huds will keep players on a more level, more recreational, playing field by lowering the number of professional players and grinders (often tighter players) who frequent their poker room.


Recently, Bodog announced that not only are they going to continue to disallow HUDs, but also that they will make efforts to keep their tournament and cash game results from being tracked. Websites such as Sharkscope allow players to search for players and see information such as number of games played, average buyin and total profit/loss. Bodog feels that these statistics shouldn’t be accessible at the push of a button, as it can give players an unfair advantage over others. It should be noted that it is possible to block oneself from these types of searches. However, players wishing to do this must know about the websites who track this data, sign up for them and then request that their stats be blocked from searches.



As seen on the Poker Channel



We all need a little help when we’re starting out and these dos and don’ts are sure to increase your chances at the tables so dive in and then get playing at the tables.


The following questions have been aired on the Poker Channel – now it’s your turn to see if you got the answers right!




If you are dealt a pair of tens should you split?


Answer: NEVER! A hand value of 20 is a winning hand and there’s a negative expected return in a case of splitting tens.




On a soft 17 is it best to stand or hit?


Answer: HIT. 17 is a weak hand; it pushes another 17 and loses to any other “made” total therefore Basic Strategy tells us to always take a hit or even double on a soft 17.




Your hand totals 11, the dealer’s upcard is 7, do you double down?


Answer: YES. It is always advisable to double 789bet login down when your hand value is 11 since there is a 30.7% chance that you will hit another 10-value card and improve your hand to 21, which is an unbeatable hand unless the dealer has a blackjack. (If the dealer hits a blackjack as well you do not use your money as this result is a tie, known as a ‘push’.)




If dealer gets an ace should you take insurance?


Answer: NEVER. Taking insurance is very rarely a bet with positive expectation so tend to decline the dealer’s offer of insurance against blackjack.




You have a pair of sevens, do you split?


Answer: YES. There’s a 56% chance for busting with a hand value of 14, that’s why splitting is advised unless the dealer has an 8 or higher as his up card. In such cases the dealer might go bust easily or he may still win if he receives a Ten or a face card, which easily would beat your Sevens even if you were to get an Ace, a Ten or a face Card.




If the dealer is showing 4, 5, or 6 value cards, and you have a total of 12 should you hit or stand?


Answer: STAND. Even though a total 12 might not seem like a winning hand the dealer’s hand is in a worse state and there is a good chance that he will bust, in fact it’s a 42% chance on a 5 or a 6 and 40% if he holds a 4. Therefore the best option is to stand and let it play out.




Should you split a pair of Aces?


Answer: YES. According to the blackjack splitting strategy you should always split a pair of Aces. Slightly more than 30% of the cards in a single deck have a value of 10 giving you a good chance of hitting two more 10-value cards and therefore creating two blackjack hands.


And there you have it – did you know the correct answers before you read them? If so good work! You are ready to begin your Blackjack quest!



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