Rewind 12 months and everyone who knew a little or a lot about Facebook ads for real estate and achieving top ranking on Google would all speak of “the algorithm” the worlds best kept secret. Technology so advanced that it can deliver us what we want to view by typing keywords into a blank box. They would speak of keyword density, H1 & Meta tags. So is it a surprise that arguably our planets most technologically advanced company in Google has introduced a new feature to allow users to hide sites they deem as irrelevant to their search and another feature to vote using the +1 button for content they deem relevant and want to endorse. No Way!!

Human interaction is the most powerfull endorsement there is. Even more powerfull than “the algorithm” itself. because once an item, an article or a product has human endorsement it can be trusted, respected and will increase in popularity.

Through out life we always look for endorsement we love it when good things are said about the service we have provided. So what do we do with these endorsements? Well most people would file them in nice plastic folders, neatly filed in a lever arch labeled “MY TESTIMONIALS” only to be brought out when we present to a new prospect who has already chosen us as one of only a few to potentially deal with.

So how can we get our testimonials out to a new audience, the audience that hasn’t already found us but is looking. We publish them. We optimize them and we share them.

I recently found a wordpress plugin that enables me to archive all my testimonials on one page titled “Testimonials” It’s out there for the world to see. It even has a digital form so that happy clients can easily and quickly endorse my service.

The plugin is called Collision Testimonials. Like all plugins. It’s a matter of downloading and installing it on your blog. All you need to do then is navigate to Testimonials Section on your dashboard and start entering them one by one. You should also create a seperate page titled “Testimonials” and copy and paste the shortcode which you can find in the tags section of the plugin. Done.

To see the plugin in action just navigate to my testimonials page.

Now all of the reasons why people should be choosing you to sell or manage their properties are there for all to see. inlude a link to your testimonials page in your email signature. Link to it from your social media profiles and agency website. Ultimately your testimonials will be infront of more people then ever before and I dare say that that will help you win, win, win.