The twelfth Full Tilt Series of 꽁머니  is now in full swing, with Event #9 giving heads up specialists a chance to demonstrate their prowess for the first time this season. The $500 + $35 No Limit Hold ‘em tournament attracted a modest 933 entrants, including a number of well known pros. This was not quite enough to top the guaranteed cash, which left the prize pool sitting at $500,000.

Numerous one on one battles would be fought before the final 128 players found themselves in the money. Nestled safely in the cash was the tournament host Huck Seed, who ended his run in 85th. However, far and away the most impressive Red Pro on the night was David Pham, picking up $4,000 for his 17th place finish.

When looking for the best candidate to host this tournament, Full Tilt chiefs did not have had to sift very far through their list of sponsored players. Huckleberry Seed confirmed his status as a feared heads up opponent at this year’s NBC Heads Up Poker Championships. Finishing in first place meant that he retained his record as the only player to cash in every single NBC Heads up event, along with setting the best overall record in the history of the tournament.

Huck’s recent successes should come as no surprise, given that he has been competing at the top level for over 10 years. He picked up the first of his four WSOP bracelet way back in 1994, and within two years had captured the biggest prize of them all. His 1996 World Series of Poker main event victory helped towards his total live winnings of over $4.6 million.

Today, however, belonged to a different heads up champion. MKMADTILT defeated -AKwow- in the final contest to wrap up the victory, along with $87,000 in prize money. -AKwow- picked up $52,000 for his second place finish, ahead of SpaceyFCB and GerwalBrunner who received $26,500 each for 3rd and 4th respectively.

GavinSmith Wins Full-Tilt-Poker FTOPS XII Event 7And another FTOPS Event is in the books. This time it was the FTOPS XII Event 7 high buy-in. It was a $100+9 R+A event, which had 2850 total rebuys and in excess of 1100 addons.

For this event, 1807 hopefuls showed up to lay claim to the title. Among these were known pros Keith Sexton, Paul Sexton, Maciek Gracz, Isaac Baron, Stefan Rapp, Bill Gazes, Lee watkinson, Christian Kruel, Dag Martin “dmmikkle” Mikkelse and a deep run by Gavin Smith.


Watching Gavin once he was deep was a thing of beauty. The man knows tourneys, fo’ shizzle. If you struggle in your game, try railing some of the more succesful pros to see what they do. You will learn a ton.

As we arrived to the final nine, most of the Full Tilt Reds dropped out of the race. Gavin sneaked into the final table with an average stack. The action continued with literally the first hand of the final table:


#9 Yeshaya: Early Exit on the final table.