URGENT!!!: Otis makes the final table!!!!!!

This is a complete violation of the rtp online rules and could result in my dismissal from the event entirely.

But I’ve always been known to challenge authority, so here it goes.

Thanks to my untimely exit from the Media Event, you’ll get “live” updates of the remaining last-longer participants. Here’s how we stand:

Change100: 4700

Otis: 2000

Tuscaoosa Johnny: 1900

Live updates below….


9:26pm: Alas, it is over. Otis tried a steal from the small blind with T3o but the BB called in a shot with just K9s. Otis had more than enough chips to cripple the guy, but it didn’t seem to matter to him. Well played, Otis!

9:18pm: Otis is at the final table meaning he’s won at least $100 for a charity of his choice and could win up to $10K for his charity. He’s got 30K, which is slightly above average with 9 left, but his M is terrible, meaning everyone’s M is terrible. He’s actually sitting about 4th in chips or so.

By the way, in the memory of our good friend, Chris Gulfman, Otis’ donation will go to the American Cancer Society.

8:55pm: Otis skillfully draws two people all in preflop while in the Big Blind holding Q’s. That takes real skill folks. Like Harrington-skill. They hold up against Denny Crum’s KQ and some guy’s 77 and Otis is now the chipleader at about 50K, that’s more than a 5th of the chips in play with 13 left.

8:35pm: Quick gallery:

8:31pm: We’re down to 18 players and on break. I just witnessed a three-way all-in: AJ vs. TT vs. QT. Any guesses on what won? A Queen on the river sent two packing. Otis has about 19K and his M is about 4 when we get back (blinds are 1000/2000/300). There are three short stacks alive and a number of players close to Otis.

8:10pm: Cindy is out, thanks, in part, to Otis. She got in with AJs vs. a shorty’s JT and Otis called with 66. A 10 on the turn gave the shorty the main pot but the side pot went to Otis and Cindy was out. The plan was to have her tilt Otis by saying, “I kissed Isabelle Mercier last night,” but Otis never really gave her the chance. Otis is still at about 20K.

7:55pm: Otis is HUGE! He crippled the lovely Cindy Margolis when he caught trip K’s and she had Aces up. But she fought back a few hands later, A6 vs. A9. Flop came down 6-high, but I said, “Dealer, she needs a 9.” And guess what? Otis is at about 20K or so.

7:29pm: Tragedy strikes. Change100’s AJ ran into QQ and she’s down to T350. Blinds are somewhere around 1000000/2000000 or something. Needless to say, she’s all in as soon as the break’s over. Otis is still looking strong, although I think I’m going to give Cindy Margolis some ammunition to tilt him.

7:24pm: URGENT NEWS!!! Otis, now holding the Luckbox, has more than doubled up and now has more than 6K. Change100 is holding steady at 4500. They’ll be a lot easier to follow now that they’re at the same table. In fact, only Cindy Margolis separates them. It’s like a Cindy Margolis threesome there. Sorry, Drizz. In other news, Change100 now has the Luckbox.

7:18pm: The Luckbox lives!! Well, at least in someone else’s hands. I let Change100 borrow it and her A2 tripled up against KT and QJ with a flop of Q22. She’s up over 5K now. Otis needs help, and is currently in possession of said Luckbox.

7:10pm: Otis falls. His A5s from the SB runs into pocket 8’s and only a 5 on the turn is not enough. He’s back down to about 1500. Change100 has 1650. And that “Hollywood Blonde” I mentioned? Well, I got a better look and it’s Cindy Margolis, the most downloaded woman on the internet. Drizz, pictures forthcoming.

7:00pm: URGENT!!! Otis doubles up with a pair of 6’s on the river and takes a commanding lead over Change100. In other, non-last-longer related news, the uber-hottie Shannon Elizabeth (sporting her new Full Tilt gear) is alive with a big stack. I’d give you a smokin’ hot picture, but I don’t have the time. Sorry, Drizz.

6:54pm: We have a casaulty. Tuscaloosa Johnny is out. Not only that, Change100 ran her pocket T’s smack dab into some Hollywood Blonde’s pocket J’s (is there irony there?). She’s down to 2000 and Otis is at 1975. It’s gonna be tight for the last longer!

6:50pm: I’m in the media room which is a long way from the tournament room. By the time I get there and back, we’ll jump 6 levels in tournament and everyone will likely be out. But here goes… be back in a minute…