…get your dirty minds out of the gutter…

No, my personal SNG challenge on AP is moving along slowly, inexorably, along in a positive manner. For those that don’t remember, I won a whole $1 in a indo88 after coming in 18th out of 2000.

A lot of work for a damn $1. But, since I don’t play with my own money right now, I was fine with it.

But, what to do with it? I chose to enter Absolute’s .50 + .10 SNG and see if I could run it up. My goal is 10x the buy-in for the next level, then jumping up.

I’m playing the $1 + .15 SNGs ok right now, and seem about 1 great or 2 good tourney’s from the $2 + .20.

I’ve had to play an awful lot of damn poker to get this far. My hourly rate is a whopping $.73.

I’m running with the fast crowd now, baby.


Eldest Bigette: So, online poker is where you practice to play for real money against people in real life?

Me: Well, sort of… except a lot of people play for real money online.

EB: Well, maybe you should play for real money for your next job?

Me: Oh, I don’t think that would be a good idea…

EB: But, YOU could make LOTS of money doing that!

So, I guess I need to watch how much TV poker and online poker I’m exposing her to… not good…

I don’t think I want my daughter growing up thinking like some 18 yr old 2+2er living in his mother’s basement and finger-fucking Suzy Rottencrotch, thinking the $100 bucks he made last week at Party is reason enough to quit the busboy job at Denny’s.

Open letter to Ms. Williamson and Mr. Stillman:

In my opinion, the vitriol expressed on so many message board threads and blogs regarding your play is unwarranted. After all, you made it so deep at the tournament and these flamers didn’t, so obviously you’re the better players. Mr. Stillman, that move with the deuces took huge – HUGE – balls! Wow! The fact that you could make a huge raise like that when you were a coin-flip AT BEST just shows that you have the true heart of a gambler. And pushing all-in against that flopped Ace? It’s just bad luck that you ran into that calling station. What could he have been thinking?

And, Ms. Williamson, you can take as long as you like to decide whether to call huge re-raises with KJ. I know that’s a tough laydown – after all only Aces would beat you, right? And, it’s your lucky hand! Huge laydown, and kudos to you for letting the clock run out on you like that.

I’d like to extend an open invitation to both of you join da home game sometime. We could really use the level of competition you bring to the game, and we’d love to learn a trick or two from you guys.




Open letter to Mike Matusow:

You are an angle-shooting son-of-a-bitch. Your move past the line with the chips where you were testing that player’s reaction, then pulling them back before dropping them, was pure bullshit. I’ll bet you’re the kind of guy that would keep incorrect change from a McDonald’s cashier. I can’t imagine anyone ever trusting you enough to gamble with you or loan you money.