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Last week Google launched Google+, a social networking site, designed to compete—and beat—rival Facebook. Google+ aims to make “connecting with people on the web more like connecting with them in the real world.” Initial reviews have been positive.  I haven’t attempted to use Google’s new toy myself, but as a 7+ year- user of Facebook, I admit that I’ve grown tired of the site…or maybe just the people I connect with on it. My friends’ status updates used to make me laugh, but now they depress and make me feel like a voyeur.

I feel the need to break away from my Facebook-tethered past and Google+ may help me to discover alternative ways to connect, share, and create. While Google+ may not rival Facebook anytime soon, this battle has serious implications for the sharing and connecting that goes on within your organization.

Basically, it puts even more pressure on your organization to employ or develop tools akin to top social networking sites if you want to enable your employees to connect and create value. We at CEC see many companies wasting tons of time and money on employee-sharing platforms that simply can’t compete with employees’ personal options.

Fortunately, there is one company that we think has a solution to rival its Facebook “competition.” The MITRE Corporation. Read More »