A new software now allows players of online aplikasi live, to get an “Advantage”. This software has been named Poker Advantage. It makes online poker more profitable as well as enjoyable. It is a very sophisticated odds calculator. Along with this, the software also provides a hand strength indicator and a learning tool. The software makes it possible to read all visible cards on the table in real time. Using this information, the player can immediately find out the strength of his hand. Based on this, he may decide to fold, check, raise or re-raise. The software uses a very sophisticated mathematical system of algorithm to tell the user about how his opponents are playing, aggressive, passive, profits-losses and errors – and other such important information.

Australian Towns Will Soon be Visited by The Small Town Poker Tour

A new venue has been announced by The Small Town Poker Tour and its parent company, AMT Media LLC. The next few weeks STPT will head down under to Australia, where it will visit different places for the 6 venue events.

The television production duties go to award winning, Make it Happer Productions and Billy Frank. The public may visit the web www.smalltownpokertour.com and find out how to nominate their town.

Lakes Entertainment Inc. Set to Sell its Stake in World Poker Tour

Lakes Entertainment Inc. might sell its stake in the World Poker Tour. It will do this to raise cash for its operations. Minnetonka-based Lakes Entertainment owns 62 percent of the LA based WPT Enterprises Inc. Lakes needs $10 million by Dec. 31. It requires another 10 million dollars by the 1st of March. Lakes Entertainment has about 12.5 million shares of WPT. The shares closed at $7.60 on Wednesday. They went down by 78 cents.

Shares were down by 78 cents, or 10.3%, to $6.82 in early trading Friday morning. Lakes Entertainment Chairman and CEO Lyle Berman is also chairman of WPT Enterprises.

Poker Enthusiasts Can Now Get a Complete Online Poker Listing, Sorting the Poker Rooms Under Different Criteria

Live Straddle is a leading source of online poker, on the web. It has started a new online poker listing. This can be found at http://www.livestraddle.com/onlinepoker. This site provides poker fans with news and information for choosing the best poker rooms. Poker rooms on this site, get listed according to several different criteria. These include Best Ring Game Traffic, Best Sit’n Go Traffic, Best Poker Sing-up Bonus, Best Multi-Table Tournament Traffic, Best Game Variety, Best Support, Lowest Rake etc. The reviews are all made by poker professionals. They test out different poker clients before giving their expert comments on a site. This site has everything the poker player needs to know. Players can now choose the best games and get maximum advantage allowed deposit bonus from all major online poker rooms.

Poker has become one of the hottest new pop culture phenomena across America. Casinos and their online counterparts are recording substantial increases in the number of poker players and even begin to reconfigure their floors to devote more tables to poker.