Why I Love Blackjack Tournaments

Togel Hongkong

One of the great things about online casinos, rather than the brick and mortar variety, is that they offer blackjack tournaments. Now, a lot of online casinos don’t offer tournaments for blackjack, but for those that do, it’s an opportunity I can’t resist. There are two main appeals of playing blackjack in a tournament rather […]

Why Card Counting Doesn’t Work Like It Used To

Card counting worked for a while. Books have been written on the escapades of card counters and teams of card counters. Ken Uston spent half of his book, Million Dollar Blackjack, talking about his team and his lawsuit in New Jersey. The M.I.T. team was the subject of Ben Mezrich’s book, Bringing Down the House. […]

Crash Course in Table Games

How to Play Casino Games Or see our detailed lessons for: Baccarat | Blackjack | Craps | Roulette | Slot Machines It’s no secret: table games offer good odds, but slot machines suck your money away quickly. So why do most people prefer slots? Probably because slots offer the possibility of a huge jackpot. Five […]

From College Grad to Small Business Owner

The New York Times recently profiled a new trend in small business ownership. They identified that due to economic conditions, many recent university graduates who were unable to find work have overcome this challenge by starting their own businesses. The article highlights several success stories including one individual who, after finding himself in this situation, started the […]

Getting Good Ideas From Bad Social Media

Social media has given consumers a platform to publicly say whatever they want (a sometimes scary thought.) In 2010, Twitter users sent an astounding 25 billion Tweets. Does one of those tweets have the rare seed to fuel company innovation? Maybe. But there’s an awful lot of dreck. Starbucks and Dell offer a different and much […]

Leading Indicators – Week of February 24

Could those cell phone signals really be damaging our brains? Well – researchers aren’t sure [WSJ] YouTube is apparently in negotiations with the NBA and NHL to stream live games [Bloomberg] Coke has a new “Happiness Machine” viral video [Mashable] Belgian beer brand Leffe launches dating app [Mobile Marketing Magazine] Are mobile shopping sites driving […]

Are You a Nightmare to Work For?

In CEB View’s last Talent Matters post we discussed how difficult it is to work for a bad boss. But what if, instead of working for one, you are one?   Of course it’s not easy being the boss. Research from CEB’s CLC Human Resources program shows that the three areas that most managers – […]

Benefits of Targeted Playable Ads Html5Leads

Targeted email leads are considered to be the cheapest way of finding the contacts to which the company can do or sell their services. It is the very easy way of promoting the firm or the company. They want to know more clients so as to have more and more dealings. These targeted emails leads […]