Shannon AGEN138 Leads Going Into Day 2 of the $5K Prelim at Bellagio

  Yesterday’s field of 179 in the penultimate $5,000 preliminary event of the Five-Star World AGEN138 Classic created a prize pool just short of $900,000. After 14 hours of grueling play, the field made the money at 18 and finished the day with 16 of the world’s best, all vying for the first. Student poker […]

Insane (But True) Facts About GDPR In Addition To Betting

  Just about a new year since the GDPR joined into power throughout the EUROPEAN UNION, there seems to be an advantages in the UK’s betting in and even on the net gaming sector as well. One can find new interesting facts together with amateur methods, and there are many of the former security […]

Stregone2000 wins slot onlain Super Tuesday

Dennis Phillips is a 53 year old commercial account manager from Cottage Hills, Illinois. He entered the main event after winning a satellite held at Harrah’s Casino in St. Louis. He will be the starting chip leader when the final table starts on November 9. Ivan slot onlain is a 27 year old semi-professional poker player from […]

Inch by Inch…indo88

  …get your dirty minds out of the gutter… No, my personal SNG challenge on AP is moving along slowly, inexorably, along in a positive manner. For those that don’t remember, I won a whole $1 in a indo88 after coming in 18th out of 2000. A lot of work for a damn $1. But, since […]

Reflections Situs Judi Slot

Situs Judi Slot

  I have mirrors on my wall. This made not sound strange to most readers, but most of you have never seen the inside of anywhere I’ve ever lived. Mirrors on my wall is a big deal. It’s part of the home makeover master-minded by Lady Luck. And it’s only the beginning. Now, as I […]

Welcome to sanghoki in 2008!

  Everyone is back and ready for action at sanghoki HQ, and we all hope everyone has enjoyed their holidays and played plenty of poker! Our December promotions were a huge success, and we are currently processing all the prizes and tournament results to ensure everyone gets their well-earned rewards. Up until the very last hours […]

EXPLANATIONS new online casinos with no deposit bonuses

  The only place in this set of rules that an alternative is mentioned other than in this section is in the method of button and blind placement. That rule (the first rule in “Section 4 – Button and Blind Use”) is repeated below for convenience. “Each round all participating players must get an opportunity […]

Live-Blogging the rtp online Media Event

  URGENT!!!: Otis makes the final table!!!!!! This is a complete violation of the rtp online rules and could result in my dismissal from the event entirely. But I’ve always been known to challenge authority, so here it goes. Thanks to my untimely exit from the Media Event, you’ll get “live” updates of the remaining last-longer […]

sbo Aladdin Casino Classic Update!!!

  First, check out yet another big score from Otis. The guy is just unstoppable… And now, read about some exciting news from the Aladdin. It looks like we’re now confirmed for at least 6 tables by the Aladdin, and there’s a possibility of more. The Aladdin’s poker room will be expanding to two more […]

MKMADTILT wins Full-Tilt-Poker꽁머니 토토 XII Event 9

  The twelfth Full Tilt Series of 꽁머니 토토 is now in full swing, with Event #9 giving heads up specialists a chance to demonstrate their prowess for the first time this season. The $500 + $35 No Limit Hold ‘em tournament attracted a modest 933 entrants, including a number of well known pros. This was not […]