What Is a Financial Planner, and Do You Need One?

Whatever the stage in your financial journey, you’re bound to have questions. From starting out and saving for college through to buying your first home or even planning for your retirement, getting your finances organized can be a little daunting. Everyone you know is likely to have an opinion when you ask a financial question, […]

Reflections Situs Judi Slot

Situs Judi Slot

  I have mirrors on my wall. This made not sound strange to most readers, but most of you have never seen the inside of anywhere I’ve ever lived. Mirrors on my wall is a big deal. It’s part of the home makeover master-minded by Lady Luck. And it’s only the beginning. Now, as I […]

Welcome to sanghoki in 2008!

  Everyone is back and ready for action at sanghoki HQ, and we all hope everyone has enjoyed their holidays and played plenty of poker! Our December promotions were a huge success, and we are currently processing all the prizes and tournament results to ensure everyone gets their well-earned rewards. Up until the very last hours […]


Facebook ads for real estate

  Rewind 12 months and everyone who knew a little or a lot about Facebook ads for real estate and achieving top ranking on Google would all speak of “the algorithm” the worlds best kept secret. Technology so advanced that it can deliver us what we want to view by typing keywords into a blank box. […]

EXPLANATIONS new online casinos with no deposit bonuses

  The only place in this set of rules that an alternative is mentioned other than in this section is in the method of button and blind placement. That rule (the first rule in “Section 4 – Button and Blind Use”) is repeated below for convenience. “Each round all participating players must get an opportunity […]

Live-Blogging the rtp online Media Event

  URGENT!!!: Otis makes the final table!!!!!! This is a complete violation of the rtp online rules and could result in my dismissal from the event entirely. But I’ve always been known to challenge authority, so here it goes. Thanks to my untimely exit from the Media Event, you’ll get “live” updates of the remaining last-longer […]

sbo Aladdin Casino Classic Update!!!

  First, check out yet another big score from Otis. The guy is just unstoppable… And now, read about some exciting news from the Aladdin. It looks like we’re now confirmed for at least 6 tables by the Aladdin, and there’s a possibility of more. The Aladdin’s poker room will be expanding to two more […]

I’m a Loser, slothoki Baby…

  Yep, that’s me, a loser. A recent Iggy-fueled post inspired me to re-examine my play. He mentioned something about bloggers being better able to improve because they are honest about their play when they blog. Actually, there’s not much play to examine. I haven’t set up any slothoki internet at home yet. I think I’ll buy […]

Do You Have Sensitive Skin? Don’t Stress About It!

  Is your skin easily damaged or irritated? Is your skin dry, delicate and prone to irritant or allergic reactions? Does your skin have a reduced tolerance to cold, heat, wind, temperature changes, or pollution? If you answer yes to any or all of these questions, consider yourself a member of the “sensitive skin” club […]

SCOOP 2012 – Main Event Tournament Recaps

The two day SCOOP 2012 Main Event tournaments began on Sunday May 20th. Play was halted at the conclusion of level 20 (10 hours) and resumed early this afternoon. After two weeks worth of events, and many players entering many of the available events, a mere 10 hour first day was welcomed by those who […]