Insane (But True) Facts About GDPR In Addition To Betting

  Just about a new year since the GDPR joined into power throughout the EUROPEAN UNION, there seems to be an advantages in the UK’s betting in and even on the net gaming sector as well. One can find new interesting facts together with amateur methods, and there are many of the former security […]

Stregone2000 wins slot onlain Super Tuesday

Dennis Phillips is a 53 year old commercial account manager from Cottage Hills, Illinois. He entered the main event after winning a satellite held at Harrah’s Casino in St. Louis. He will be the starting chip leader when the final table starts on November 9. Ivan slot onlain is a 27 year old semi-professional poker player from […]

Inch by Inch…indo88

  …get your dirty minds out of the gutter… No, my personal SNG challenge on AP is moving along slowly, inexorably, along in a positive manner. For those that don’t remember, I won a whole $1 in a indo88 after coming in 18th out of 2000. A lot of work for a damn $1. But, since […]

Bocoran Slot Gacor says thumbs down to gambling

Bocoran Slot Gacor

  Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich, who just weeks ago suggested the state taking over casinos to boost revenue, has thrown the gauntlet in Illinois on a strong no to any expansion of gambling: “…his long-delayed answer to critics who expected him to abandon his campaign pledge and permit the expansion of gambling in Illinois: No […]