That Could Change Your Life with먹튀검증업체

먹튀검증업체 is one of the most popular games that have ever been played at a casino. To this date there are as many variations of this game as the number of cards in a deck. In reality, of all the games that one finds at a casino, this is the one that truly offers a chance for the individual to potentially gain an edge over the house (the casino). Over the years, I have come across a few resources in blackjack that I believe are worth a read.
Arnold Snyder’s Blackjack Forum – BlackjackForumOnline dot com
It seems that there is such a thing as free money, well, or at least as close to it anyway. This site is an information portal with gambling tips from professional gamblers, a valuable tool that you get for free at this forum. It also hosts a Professional Gambling Library, one of the largest sources of gambling tips and tricks on Blackjack on the internet. The site is deep enough that you could consider using it as a launch pad to kick start a gambling career but simple enough to get a couple of ideas for your next trip to Atlantic City, even if you are a beginner.
Blackjackinfo dot com
As the very name suggests, this site is all about the game. One of the main features on this site is their software, or should I say, the casino verite, a perfect tool to practice Blackjack before hitting the casino floor.
When it comes to online gambling is concerned, most of us have questions ranging from which sites are the ones to trust, how to win online, the legalities and so on. Their online gambling section answers most of these commonly asked questions. Their side design and the depth of the information contained in this site makes them stand out from the crowd. If you are a professional blackjack Player, then you might find the update on blackjack tournaments listed here quite useful.
Blackjackincolor dot com
This site is perhaps the best place on the ‘Net to understand the underlying mechanics of Blackjack. They don’t really give you a formula to help one win the next hand of blackjack but rather helping one understand the vulnerabilities of the system and the player, which is you. What I really like about this site, is the way it takes one into the nuances of the game, step by step, but at the same time keeping it simple and interesting. Their discussions are scientific and their arguments make sense. Their explanations are often supported with charts that ram the point home. Take a peek and you’ll sound like a pro at your next dinner party!
BJMath dot com
Math is said to be the language that unites us all. Since math is their focus, it isn’t surprising how accurate their information is, a rare commodity in today’s internet sites. This site has various tools dealing with the game such as the Blackjack calculator that allows one to count the cards and the risk involved with each hand. With each hand that a player gets, and with the help of this calculator, you are able to determine your chances of winning the next hand. They also have some of the best tips for Togel Hongkongforthe live tables that I have ever come across. Math fanatics are likely to love this site but even if Math isn’t exactly your thing, I suggest checking the site out for their tools and tips.
BlackjackTactics dot com
There are a lot of sites that claim to have the formula for winning at Blackjack but their explanations often tend to be flat and leaves one wanting more. This site offers an in-depth strategic view of the game. From basic strategy to card counting strategies, they have it all. They also seem to update the site regularly with the latest strategy articles, game variations, game charts, betting systems, history and so on.
So the next time you plan a visit to Atlantic City to try your luck at Blackjack, you will might have a little more than luck on your side. Happy gaming!

Features of the New Software Package For Online aplikasi live Players – Advantage Poker


A new software now allows players of online aplikasi live, to get an “Advantage”. This software has been named Poker Advantage. It makes online poker more profitable as well as enjoyable. It is a very sophisticated odds calculator. Along with this, the software also provides a hand strength indicator and a learning tool. The software makes it possible to read all visible cards on the table in real time. Using this information, the player can immediately find out the strength of his hand. Based on this, he may decide to fold, check, raise or re-raise. The software uses a very sophisticated mathematical system of algorithm to tell the user about how his opponents are playing, aggressive, passive, profits-losses and errors – and other such important information.

Australian Towns Will Soon be Visited by The Small Town Poker Tour

A new venue has been announced by The Small Town Poker Tour and its parent company, AMT Media LLC. The next few weeks STPT will head down under to Australia, where it will visit different places for the 6 venue events.

The television production duties go to award winning, Make it Happer Productions and Billy Frank. The public may visit the web and find out how to nominate their town.

Lakes Entertainment Inc. Set to Sell its Stake in World Poker Tour

Lakes Entertainment Inc. might sell its stake in the World Poker Tour. It will do this to raise cash for its operations. Minnetonka-based Lakes Entertainment owns 62 percent of the LA based WPT Enterprises Inc. Lakes needs $10 million by Dec. 31. It requires another 10 million dollars by the 1st of March. Lakes Entertainment has about 12.5 million shares of WPT. The shares closed at $7.60 on Wednesday. They went down by 78 cents.

Shares were down by 78 cents, or 10.3%, to $6.82 in early trading Friday morning. Lakes Entertainment Chairman and CEO Lyle Berman is also chairman of WPT Enterprises.

Poker Enthusiasts Can Now Get a Complete Online Poker Listing, Sorting the Poker Rooms Under Different Criteria

Live Straddle is a leading source of online poker, on the web. It has started a new online poker listing. This can be found at This site provides poker fans with news and information for choosing the best poker rooms. Poker rooms on this site, get listed according to several different criteria. These include Best Ring Game Traffic, Best Sit’n Go Traffic, Best Poker Sing-up Bonus, Best Multi-Table Tournament Traffic, Best Game Variety, Best Support, Lowest Rake etc. The reviews are all made by poker professionals. They test out different poker clients before giving their expert comments on a site. This site has everything the poker player needs to know. Players can now choose the best games and get maximum advantage allowed deposit bonus from all major online poker rooms.

Poker has become one of the hottest new pop culture phenomena across America. Casinos and their online counterparts are recording substantial increases in the number of poker players and even begin to reconfigure their floors to devote more tables to poker.

Shannon AGEN138 Leads Going Into Day 2 of the $5K Prelim at Bellagio


Yesterday’s field of 179 in the penultimate $5,000 preliminary event of the Five-Star World AGEN138 Classic created a prize pool just short of $900,000. After 14 hours of grueling play, the field made the money at 18 and finished the day with 16 of the world’s best, all vying for the first.

Student poker players attending Washington State University have witnessed a roller coaster of a ride when it comes to poker. Though the state has 23 casinos, and Washington’s state law specifically allows poker to be played.

It turns out that being a hot tamale on the big screen and in the poker world doesn’t necessarily translate to sexiness on the dance floor, and this week’s Latin dances were all about the sexiness.

Shannon Elizabeth performed what Len Goodman called a “competent” performance, but she didn’t look comfortable with the dance at all.

In contrast to her graceful Viennese waltz from last week that put her in the top three for scores, she looked awkward with the samba and returned to…But don’t panic if you didn’t get your shot at a free seat in the WPC. Pacific Poker has decided to add a few more chances for players to win seats.

Players from Italy, France, Germany and Spain will get another shot at seats in freerolls specifically for their country.

The freerolls will take place at 4 p.m. Pacific Poker Time on the following dates:

Pacific Poker continues to give PokerNews players sensational value through exclusive tournaments. On Tuesday April 22 at 19:00 GMT, a $27.50 WPC Satellite will commence that will award over $10,000 in prizes.

Gambling and smoking have always seemed to go hand in hand. The classic image of the casino floor usually comes complete with heavy cigarette smoke in the dim lights. Is all that about to change? As awareness to the dangers of passive smoking rises, more and more casinos are facing anti-smoking laws that may put out the smoke in casinos for good. Next in line is.

The EPT Live video feed from the European Poker Tour Grand Final in Monte Carlo is available all day today during play, showing a featured table, and will also be available tomorrow for the final table. Simply click here or on the link in the tournament tracker to watch all of the.

With four hours left to Day 3 of the European Poker Tour Grand Final in Monte Carlo, Antonio Esfandiari pulled ahead of the field by dragging the biggest pot of the day.


Noble slot online Acquired by Empire Poker?


This goes in the ‘just a rumour’ category at the moment, but I heard this morning that Noble Poker has been acquired by Empire slot online. Empire is primarily a super affiliatae of Party Poker, so I’m not exactly sure what they’re going to do with Noble (if the rumour is even true), since Noble is on another network and software. But I can almost guarantee one thing: you’re going to see a trememndous amount of consolidation and acquisitions in the online poker industry over the next few months.

There are a few possibilities in this particular acquisition. Noble could be getting a new platform. Another possibility is that Empire could be getting a new platform. A third possibility is that Noble and Empire could both be going on a brand new platform. In any case, the combination of the Noble player base and the Empire player base is going to make Empire a big player indeed.

Ultimate Bet IPO in London

More rumors from the online poker industry. Looks like the success of the Party Gaming IPO has inspired the owners of Ultimate Bet to go public also. Excapsa is the name of the company that owns and manages Ultimate Bet, which is well known for its stable of poker pro’s who endorse the site. (These pros include Phil Hellmuth and Annie Duke, among others.) They’re expecting the company to have a market cap of around $350 million or so.

Some Gambling Facts & Figures

Native Times has an article about the rise of legal gambling in the USA and its relationship to American Indians. I’m more interested in the facts and figures about the industry than I am about the sociological implications for a group of people, so I’m going to post those here. If you’re interested in reading the article, hop on over there through the link provided.

There are 247 Indian owned casinos in the USA now.

There are 84 riverboat casinos  in the USA now.

There is some kind of legalized gambling available in 48 states now.

In 1996, the USA gambling industry took in $47 million.

In 2003, the USA gambling industry took in $72 million.

These numbers do not reflect the amount of money going into the online gambling industry, since those numbers are presumably not tracked. (In fact, one of the advantages to legalizing and regulating online gambling here in the USA would be the additional information that would become available. Tax revenue is not the only selling point for regulation.)

ON LINE Casino Malaysia

I haven’t played any on-line Casino Malaysia for quite a while, except for freerolls. When I did play, the highest stakes I worked up to was 50c/$1 – hardly a high roller, but still enough to run through a few hundred dollars in not too much time.

I would do alright for a while, getting my bankroll up to just over $600 at one point. Then a series of suck-outs and bad beats would take place and my bankroll dwindled to $400, $200, $100, $50 and three $15 tournament buy-ins saw it pretty much gone.

When on a losing streak like that, the questions one always asks is ‘is it rigged?’. It is certainly easy to imagine it is at the time the bad beats are happening. And there are no end of conspiracy theorists who will offer their firm conviction to attest it is. Yet the hard evidence always seems to be lacking.

Then I read books by Phil Gordon and Dan Harrington, and see people like Phil Ivey and Howard Lederer(1) on TV. Now, I am not the best reader of people, nor by far the best, or perhaps even a very good, judge of character. Never the less, all those people, and the vast majority of professional players in the public eye, are undoubtedly people of great moral fibre and personal integrity. Could you imagine Phil Helmuth, no matter how he may act sometimes, every cheating anyone? Or Gus Hansen, or Erik Lindgren, or Joe Hachem?

No. It’s just not conceivable that it could happen. Maybe one of them could pull off a ‘solid citizen’ act for a while, but not all of them, not all the time.

Yet these are the people who are shareholders and promoters for the biggest on-line poker sites like Full Tilt, PokerStars and Doyles Room, to name a few. Either Howard Lederer and

Chris Furguson are total crooks capable of conning a fair proportion of the whole world, or on-line poker isn’t rigged.

So I think we can safely say that, no, on-line poker is not rigged, and in the main the sites are run by reputable people with sound business ethics.

But, and it’s a big but, that doesn’t mean it couldn’t be rigged by someone, at some point. Maybe not the owners, maybe not the senior management. But who is the sysadmin watching the servers at 2am in the morning? Who just might look in on game in ‘diagnostic’ or ‘superuser’ more? And what do those superuser modes let you do? See all the hole cards? See the board cards before they come out? Run seven hands on an eight seat table with all the winnings going to a single account?

Maybe it needs no one in attendance. Maybe some smart programmer wrote a ‘diagnostic’ routine that sits at a table and folds every hand, but once every 20-30 hands deals itself a hand that becomes the nut hand on the river?

Who knows what can be done? Do the site owners even know? Maybe they are just as big a victims as the unsuspecting players?

We have one case recently where exactly such a thing did happen. By someone in senior management at a well known on-line site no less. The thing is, being a senior manager, his technical skills were obviously fairly limited, and so was his poker skill to think that such obvious bad play, that still won, wouldn’t be spotted by other players. If a total dorkus can manipulate the system quite easily (it had to be easy to do, otherwise he would not have been able to), what could someone with both technical and poker skill pull off? What are the chances they would get caught?

That is a lot of questions, right? But they are not unreasonable questions. I think it could only be to the benefit of all on-line sites, and the game in general, if they could be answered.

Over the past 20 years casinos in Las Vegas have gone to a lot of trouble to ensure the security of their patrons (and their patrons money), and the fairness of their games. Because they recognize that in doing that, they increase their overall market.


Back at The Good, The Bad and The Ugly to try and get some more stats for my adjusted tournament strategy. Could not pick up a hand to save my life.

I was at a reasonably tight/aggressive table (if you count ace-rag as tight). Anyway, all my limps with 7 8 and J 10 ended up facing a raise and a re-raise. Limps with weaker hands might be in five or six way pots, but hit nothing on the flop and were either checked down or folded to other action.

I picket up one 800 chip pot, but ended up going to the break 300 down from the stating count, due to the slow bleed of blinds and folded limps.

Shortly after the break I picked up A Q in the BB (blinds at 100/200). We were down to six handed, there was one caller and both blinds checked. I raised it 600, one caller and the blinds folded. The flop was ragged and my continuation bet of 1,000 took the pot.

No more action for a while with quality hands like 7 4 and J 6. Our table was broken up and I was back at an eight seated table, blinds at 200/400 and 4,500 chips.

UTG I get Q Q, so raise it up to 1,600 hoping to take it down there and then. No such luck, one caller, a novice player who through two lucky all-ins earlier had a bunch of chips.

Flop is 9 A 10. I absolutely know I am beat and the novice will have ace rag. However; my short stack will be crippled any way, and there is some small chance a) he is calling with a paired 9 or 10 or b) I hit trips. I bet on each street and am all in on the river without improvement. He proudly flips his A 10 and that was me done for the night.

James Woods Obama Rant: Will it Really Get Him Blacklisted?

James Woods went off on President Obama on Twitter this week, despite what he implied was the virtual inevitability of being blacklisted in Hollywood as a result.

Conservatives in the entertainment industry are certainly a minority, but is it true that the 66-year-old actor would actually be punished for this?

According to Mell Flynn, President of the Hollywood Congress of Republicans, discrimination against Republicans in Hollywood indeed runs rampant.

“I have known quite a few people who were let go from a job after they made their political affiliation known. Maybe it was a coincidence, but I doubt it,” he said.

“This type of discrimination is hard to prove though, especially where actors are concerned. They just won’t get hired or even called in to read for a part.”

Producer Gary Michael Walters noted that “outspokenness can definitely be held against someone’s career prospects” in the largely liberal land of L.A.

Another show business insider told Fox News that a director friend won’t take on any conservative-type projects for fear of not getting future work.

In other case, one star feels “closeted” in her conservative leanings:

“I have a prominent actress friend who lives in holy terror of losing her position on a TV show if she is outed as a born-again Christian and conservative.”

Last year, Kelsey Grammer implied that he was surprisingly snubbed for an Emmy nomination for Boss due to his “out-of-the-closet Republican in Hollywood” status.

Not long after Obama first won the White House, Rizzoli & Isles‘ Angie Harmon said she was given the “racist” label for vocalizing her disappointment in him.

“The Hollywood names who advocate acceptance are the first to shut the door on a conservative,” observed Angie Meyer Olszewski, who works in PR.

“But Republicans are finding their voice. They’ve had enough.”

It may not help his cause to go off the way he did, but James Woods is far from alone in the political views that sparked his online outburst this week.

To name a few, there’s Gary Sinise, a devout GOP-er who is deemed one of the most respected TV actors as a star on the long-running CSI: NY.

There’s Patricia Heaton, who has managed to keep her job on the ABC sitcom The Middle. And of course there’s Clint Eastwood, perhaps the most visible of all.

Even after talking to an empty chair, he’s pretty celebrated.

Amber Rose Teaches Son to Swim: Adorable Alert!

Amber Rose has taken to motherhood like a moth to a flame.

Or like a seven-month old to water, the model hopes.

The ex-girlfriend of Kanye West, who gave birth to son Sebastian in February, posted a pair of adorable photos to Instaram yesterday, showing off the infant to the world and explaining why mother and child are in the pool.

“My boy wants to learn how to swim at 7 months old…. So I’m gonna teach him,” Rose wrote as a caption, later adding: “Sebastian loves giving his mommy shuggies.”

It’s been an exciting few months overall for Rose. Aside from becoming a mother, she also became a wife in July when she married Wiz Khalifa.

We send the couple our very best wishes and we must say: they have one awfully cute son. To translate this content in other language, contact Translation Companies UK

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